No matter how much you love the celeb, not all celeb bios are made equal. 


Bear with me for this review. I’ve been really busy the last 2 weeks and finally have down time to write this, and really wanted to get this one done. On the flip side, I literally just came home from having a root canal, so I’m exhausted and in pain. This review will likely be very short and make little to no sense.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with TLC reality shows. Less people who know me also know I have a particular taste for reading celeb bios as well. When I heard that Jamie Otis, featured in the first season of Married at First Sight, had written a book, I was elated.

When I sat down to read this book, I had such high hopes. I’m a huge fan of Jamie Otis, and knowing a little about her past, I was interested to see what she would say about it. Now I know that the celeb memoirs that I have read have been mostly written by under-credited professional authors who take stories the celebs have offered to them, and writes them in a way that is palatable by the average reader, this knowledge has never bothered me. I was hoping with Jamie’s biography, I would learn a little about her past, finally hear what went on with that Bachelor stuff and, mostly, just hear adorable stories about her and Doug.

Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

I had 3 main issues with this book.

  1. The writing style was horrendous. It was almost so bad, I wanted to just put the book down and never pick  it up again at quite a few points. My biggest issue was that it kept jumping in time, and never explaining exactly when something happened, or what it’s significance might be. At multiple times she would start a story just to interrupt it half way through to tell another story, which she would barely finish before being reminded of another story, only the jump back to the first story, at which point, you’d already lost track of the first half. I found myself constantly confused, trying to remember who was who, and trying to piece together the time line of what she was saying. The literally made the book unbearable after the second chapter, and very difficult to finish.
  2. The book spent a lot of time putting down and/or harshly judging the people closest to Jamie as if they would never read the book. This particularly bothered me when she would talk about her mother-in-law and say “I will never tell her blahblahblah”, as if the woman would never pick up the book to read and find out that way. If these are your friends and family members, I assume they would take the time to read your books, and I would assume they would be deeply hurt by some of the things you said about them.
  3. At many points in the book Jamie came off as a bit condescending or conceited. I never got that vibe from her when watching the show, but to hear her judge-y comments while saying she accepts that she is flawed in the same sentence, I was caught off-guard and with a sour taste in my mouth. This rang particularly true when she would talk about Dougs flaws and in the earlier sections of the book when she discussed why she preferred to be more modest, comparing it to other women who may not make the same decisions.

Now, as a huge Jamie Otis fan, I value learning a little more about Jamie’s past, but this was a book I probably should have skipped and would suggest you do too.