Merry Christmas!!!

It was much better than I expected. The book and the day. 


So I’m gonna start with getting a little into my personal life. I haven’t posted in a long while. I’m not going to apologize for that, because I don’t want to make myself feel guilty about it. I will explain. I’ve been sick. I have bipolar disorder and my mental health had a big hiccup, landing me in a hospital and in treatment programs over the last 3 weeks. I feel a lot better, but find that I have been having to ease myself back into my life. Ease myself into my chores, ease myself into exercising, ease myself back into this blog. That explains my absence, and why my next few posts might seem a lot less dense than the ones I’ve posted in the past. Even though this is still December, I’ll count this book in my January reviews. Sorry guys if you didn’t want spoilers.

This time I’m gonna do a list of pros and cons.


-It’s a quick read. Easy to understand. Well written in terms of clarity.

-It’s a unique concept. In case you didn’t know this is about a world where the US is still colonized by the British. The elite have magic powers, the common-folk do not. A woman moves to the city to be a governess, she is stuck between two worlds as a commoner that hides that she too has abilities. The rebels are trying to fight magic with technology. She gets wrapped up in the revolution.

-The characters feel really realistic. You can picture their attitudes, guess what they’re going to do, not because they’re predictable, but because they are consistent. This is a good things. The kids act and speak like kids, the adults act like adults.

-I like that the main characters perspective is limited, and as the reader you have revelations the same way that she does. Many books try this, but the reader guesses way before the main character making the main character seem, frankly, pretty blind to her own world. In this book, it is not the case. Verity is really smart and insightful, and rarely makes you want to strangle her.

-The cover is gorgeous, and I feel fancy carrying it around.


-The book never fully pulled me in. I never felt invested in their lives, and felt like I was going through the motions of reading the book, because it was so well-written, not because I actually cared what happened to the characters.

-There’s a damn love triangle. YA, I am sick and tired of love triangles. Please stop.

And that’s all I got. Other than a shout out to for giving me the book. Thank you for a being an amazing friend. ❤