I legitimately loved these!!!

I’m a DC girl, in the Marvel-DC battle, (although I’ve been opening my options up more as everyone has been suggesting Image). It’s hard being a DC girl, especially being a DC girl of color. Not a lot of work is put out for us. The New 52 was such a disappointment, and I was hesistant to invest a lot of emotions into what DC Comics Bombshells would be. I was not only pleasantly surprised. I was blown out of the water. This collection is absolutely amazing. I loved it. =)

Volumes 1 and 2 (Enlisted and Allies) collects all the comics in the series that make up the first year. It’s kind of like season 1. The characters are re-imagined, so what you knew about them before, might not still be true, and if you know nothing of them, it is all explained in these books. This is good for someone who might not be familiar with many of the heroine’s of DC, or wanting a fresh take on the storyline.

The first volume, especially the first half of the first volume, devotes a lot of time explaining these heroines. Introducing both them, and their essential back stories. This can get a bit overwhelming and dense at times, but is necessary, and done in the best way possible. It is done in a way that you truly feel invested in the characters, you really care if they live or die, and if they get what they want. There are some minor characters which never fully get explained, but are utilized as necessary. These characters are brought together into a team by Amanda Waller to be used to fight the Nazis during WWII

The amazing thing you notice as you read the backstories is that ALL the major characters are women. The few men present are supporting characters, whether they are supporting the heroes or the villains. They are not granted the same attention or care as the female characters. I appreciated this, because you get the see the range of possibility for women. They are not all good, or all bad, and there are so many shades of grey in between for these women. They are nuanced and complicated.

The end of the first volume and the entire second volume is where the action takes place. This is where all the fun is. Not much else needs to be said on that account.

The one criticism I have of this collection is that the grand finale, consisting of two issues, is drawn by a different artist, not utilized elsewhere in the series. This artist’s drawings are much more vague, less sharp lines, less details. I really didn’t like this, because many of the characters became unrecognizable, and it was much harder to keep track of things. For half the first issue, I didn’t realize it was Amanda talking. I forgot how I finally figured it out. This was super frustrating.

So in the end, despite minor flaws, I would DEFINITELY recommend. ❤