I might be in a good mood, or just picking up good books lately, but I loved this novel. I read it because it was suggested to me by an amazing friend, Steph, and I have to say, I hold her opinion even more highly now, because this book definitely lived up to her praises. After I was done reading this, I ordered the next 3 in the series, and I’m just frustrated I have to wait so long to get them. I’m not a fancy Prime user. Lol.

So I’m gonna be honest, I was hesitant to read this book for a while after hearing about it, because of the description, and if it weren’t for Stephanie, I probably would have never purchased it, but I’m glad I did. It’s a YA futuristic dystopian novel about a young girl who grows up in China with bionic parts making her a second-class citizen. She is basically Cinderella in this retelling of the popular tale. She does have a stepmother and step sisters. She does meet a handsome prince. Everything past that, however, is not what you’d expect at all.

Some of the twists were shocking, some were not, but I was really impressed by how much the author stuck to the original storyline of Cinderella, down to the slipper on the stair.

I won’t say too much, because I really do want all my friends to read this for their own, but the one thing I will say I appreciate is how well the author writes suffering. She takes everything away and leaves the reader with one shred of hope, which is all one needs. Not that I like to see characters suffer, but I suppose I do, because these are the types of books I love the most, and the type of story this is. Cinder is so strong, as she has to deal with the unimaginable that Marissa Meyer has somehow imagined.

I am SO excited to read the rest of this series, I can not express it enough.