So short review today, I chose this book because I read on a blog online that it was REALLY scary. I admit it’s hard to scare me in books, I’m usually more of cryer than a scaredy cat when it comes to reading, but I was hoping for something good. I had read a few genuinely scary books by Madeleine Roux about a year ago, and I was hoping to recapture those same, bump in the night, feelings with this book.

When I received it, I was so excited, as the cover made the book look very promising. The image of the girl from the well was genuinely. Unfortunately, as soon as I started reading, I realized the actual girl was not.

Things I did not like about this book. It was super hyped up for the fear factor. People saying the story is unsettling, spine tingling, etc, but in reality, it’s more a mystery. A step by step procedural of solving the “crime” of how to rid Tarq of a demon. I also did not like that Okiku was the narrator. Because she is separated largely from the emotions the characters are going through, the reader feels separated as well, and things are always less scary from the outside looking in. It would have probably been a better experience if written in the viewpoint of Carrie, as I was constantly tuned into the fact that she probably felt the most fear and had the most going through her head. I hated the ending, when Tarq is forced to take on Okiku but is fine with it, because by the end, it felt more like a story about a boy and his pet ghost, than a horror novel.

Things I liked about this book. The plot was good. If it was written differently, this could have been a good book. What was happening was intriguing. I just wish I could have been pulled in by a different perspective.

So, if you want a mildly strange, supernatural novel, this isn’t bad, but if you want something scary, there are better things out there. I would suggest maybe Madeleine Roux who wrote the Asylum series, and a couple of decent zombie books. I also enjoyed The Dark Carousel Series by Anya Allyn, although I haven’t yet finished the first book The Doll House, that spine chilling feeling is definitely there.