Kind of my TBT, I actually read this book a few months ago, so this review, unlike my others, will be in retrospect. untitledThis is gonna be a super short review. I haven’t been feeling the super long ones lately. I just did really want to review this, because the cover is gorgeous and I like how my nails look in the pic. Just being honest.

My feelings about this book, are very similar to my feeling about The Girl in the Well which I explained in my last review.

Everything about this book, when listed, added up into an amazing novel. It was a mystery. It involved the supernatural. There was some forbidden love up in there. THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE. There was sacrifice and pain. All good stuff.

Unfortunately, this book did not add up to an amazing novel, for one main reason. It’s abuse of it’s setting.

This story was supposed to take place in Puerto Rico. This to me would most likely imply a Puerto Rican protagonist, right? Nope. Both main characters are half Puerto Rican, with their Puerto Rican mothers being absent from their lives and raised by their white fathers. They are somehow in Puerto Rico, but both separated largely from the culture other than in superficial ways, one because he is rich, only in Puerto Rico part time and kept away from the natives in most cases, the other is literally locked in her house with just her father.

This felt like a major cop out done but the author, to excuse her lack of knowledge on the genuine experience of living in Puerto Rico, and really stole from the story. Why make the book in Puerto Rico when it could have occurred in Chicago or Florida based on the way it was written? I felt like something was stolen from the story because of this lack of oversight, and honestly, the laziness displayed by the author.

If either, more research had been done to incorporate the culture of Puerto Rico OR the book had been written in a way that didn’t toe the line between trying to make the setting significant but not being willing to do so. this book would have done it for me. The way it’s written now, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the read.