I rarely finish books that I don’t like. This turned out to be one of them. When I start to feel that dragging emotion, like it’s a chore to read the book, I consider putting the book down. If it’s not cured in about 3 chapters, I’m out. This book I was excited to put down.

So, I’ll start with the pros list. For the first few chapters I was intrigued with the main  character and her relationships. This quickly turned to a con. This was because as the story went on her personal issues largely did NOT evolve. The same problems, conversations, teasing, etcetc, started to get stale, and was a large turn off.

Another thing I did like was the way her hallucinations where described. They were described very realistically and were probably the best displays of writing in the book. It made it easy for a reader to understand how her hallucinations seemed so real and vivid to the main character as it felt that way to the reader as well.

I also enjoyed the blended use of French and Cajun in the novel. It definitely added a flair.

This is about where the pros end.

The cons of this book. It got stale SO fast. All the flirting, the interactions, the conflicts even seemed really predictable. The main character was annoying and unfortunately stereotypical in her rich girl, judgmental ways, and it all made me care less about what was going on in her life.

To be blunt, the book was going to slow. The description promised the apocalypse. It promised something big, even the chapter count down continually felt like it was leading to something. Then it got to Day 0 and it was like, wait what? Still nothing happened. Same stale high school drama. No apocalyptic meltdown, no moment when the character suddenly transforms into the hero we all deserved, but didn’t need. Frankly, I got tired of waiting, while wading through this high school drama of who’s gonna do lose their virginity and to whom.

Now, to be clear, like a good romance like anyone else does, but this book was not toted as such and not what I was looking to get out of this novel. Even as a romance, because of overdone cliches, it still wouldn’t be up to par.

So, in conclusion, not worth the read, bro. For romance and for dystopian YA you can do way better.