I’m gonna start by saying this book is amazing. I loved it as much as the first one and I read it just two days, which is saying alot since it’s about 450 pages long.

I typically don’t like sequel books. When it comes to series like these where there is an amazing first book, I often find that the second book is make or break. It’s either really good like this one, a rarity to be honest, or it’s the reason I stop reading the series. Usually they are bad for one of 3 reasons. 1. The story had already ended perfectly, so any additional book just serves to undo the perfection of the first book and is just unneeded extra material. 2. It’s written in a rush, so the writing style and content isn’t as good and you start noticing all the author’s flaws you could have ignored in the first book. Or 3. By the time you’ve gotten to the second book things have gotten so complex that the whole point of the story is just lost.

Thank the stars, this sequel did not fall victim to any of these flaws. It was well written, and super engaging. I like that each chapter is written in a different perspective and that we get to see Cinder, Iko and Kai again. I also enjoy that Cinder isn’t the main character of this book, and actually preferred the Scarlet chapters, as the new characters managed to be as engaging as the old ones. I loved that there were no love triangles (again, thank the stars for that!), and I was kind of a sucker for the love story between Wolf and Scarlet.

I think Meyer did an amazing job at re-purposing the Red Riding Hood story, and I think this book is as worth the read as the first one in the Lunar Chronicles. I have nothing but praises to sing. I can’t wait to read Cress.