So I’ll start with the positive.

-I loved the artwork, it was absolutely gorgeous, and it was pretty consistent. The characters moved with such fluidity, their hair, skin, and bodies all looked real. The colors were vibrant. I loved it.

-I loved each characters personality. I liked that Betty is the wild but somehow still naive one, she reminds me of me the way she will say things just for the shock factor and act like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I loved that Dee was the introvert trying to forge her own path, she reminds me of my best friend. I loved Hannah and how blunt she can be. I loved Violet and the way that her struggles have shaped her, and the way that she focuses on her well-being first. Their interactions with each other, and with other characters are completely engaging.

-I liked most scenes, and I cared about their backstory, and what is going on in their personal lives. The parties and what they are each individually doing were my favorite parts. I feel like, in a soap opera type of way, I really cared about what was going on with each of them, and this was my favorite part about the volume.

Now the negative:

-The book starts out by introducing them as a rowdy gang that basically fights to protect the city with exchange of no consequences of them wreaking havoc in it. I liked the concept, and I loved the parties, I just hated the fight scenes. The book starts with them on a mission, and I just couldn’t get into it. They take the missions so casually, and the talk within the fighting is so distracting, that I just didn’t dig it. For me, the fight scenes are the only flaw, but I disliked them so much, I almost stopped reading in the first issue before giving myself a chance to find the parts that I liked.

So in the end the parts I liked, I liked so much  I think I’ll continue reading this series. But I have to give this series a low ranking as about a quarter of the book is fighting, so that means there’s about a quarter of the book that I’ll have to struggle through.