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So, this was one of the free books I got on my kindle. Even though I read a lot of these, I actually don’t include a lot of them on my blog. (Surprise! I don’t actually review all the trash that I read on here. You guys wouldn’t have time for me fawning over my Christian romances.) Anyway, I decided this was a special case and decided to review this book on here, even if I hadn’t intended to.

I loved this book when I started it. The characters are so relatable. As someone who has nightmares, it’s horrifying realistic to read about Eden’s struggle with sleep. It’s painful to read Sarah’s struggle with her obvious identity issues, made worse by her overly conservative background. It’s sad to read Hannah’s struggle with her emotions towards her teacher and her ultimate betrayal. I liked all of them. I’d want to be friends with these girls. This made the book very easy to read.

The main flaw I found in this book was that the author is obviously more suited to write drama, but she chose to attempt horror. I feel like everything that was supposed to be scary about this book, just wasn’t. The horror and mystery was not the reason why I was reading it. It actually took away from the story.

In a way this book reminded me of Scream the TV series. You watch because you love the characters, you care what happens in their lives. The horror of what is happening is a backdrop that you can mostly ignore, other than when it affects your favorite characters personal lives. It makes the horror more shocking.

In this book, what you care about is the characters, and just like the show the horror can mostly be ignored. The main difference is that when horror does appear it feels imposing. Like you just want to get over with the weird demon stuff and get back to the point of who is dating who. It doesn’t make sense, but it is what it is.

The ending with the demon is rushed, although much of the relationship drama is wrapped up. Because of this when they did the dramatic twist to reveal a higher level demon targeting the girls, it really didn’t get me. I didn’t care, because I never cared about the demons. I didn’t give me any motivation to read the second book because everything that wanted to know was already answered.

Because of the inability to develop the demonic dangers, I would recommend this to a friend to try out, but I don’t think I’ll bother reading the second book unless it’s given to me for free as well.