Happy Birthday to me! I’m a quarter century now!!


Super short review today.

I really liked Frost Blood. If you’re an admirer of YA dystopian dramas, and haven’t tired of the genre yet, I think you’d like it too.


-It’s well written. Really well written. You know how some car rides are choppy, and some are just smooth and comfortable, you could stay in that car forever? That’s how this book is written.

-There’s no love triangle. Not much else needs to be said.

-It’s soft and savage at the same time. Ruby, the main character, is vulnerable, and understandable, but she is put in outrageously violent situations and rises to the challenge. I usually don’t like reading violence. I feel like it either doesn’t translate well or it translates too well to the page. In this book it’s well done.

-While the general plot and end of the book are not, the two big surprises are genuinely surprising.


-Same basic plot line as every YA dystopian novel out there. Normal teen girl finds out she has a destiny to overthrow a vicious dictator. Trains to do so, finds surprising inner strength, etc etc. We’ve all read that plot way too many times.

-It’s the first of a series. It shouldn’t be. It should be a stand alone book, because the end was that good. The end left no hanging mystery, no motivation to keep going. It actually ends on such a positive note, it gives me motivation to NOT keep going, just to avoid ruining my perfect picture that I ended off with at the end of the this book.

So, in summary, worth the read, just because it’s so well-written, but to be honest, I won’t be reading the subsequent books in this series, because this book was written in a sense that made me feel like it was meant to be a stand alone novel.