I’m not one to often read, what are considered, children’s book. I think Animorphs are just a step below YA and into middle school aged terrority. Based on how good these are, it might change my mind about that, and make me consider book meant for the younger generation a little bit more.

I remember that I had read these books as a child, but I didn’t remember the content of the books at all. Really the thing that inspired me to read these was a silly post on Facebook describing these books as very intense. I began reading, having pretty low expectations, but trying to see if what the post had was legitimate.

The post:


Let me just say, I’m happy I read the books. It starts off a little cheesy. Jake, the main narrator of the first book, is super cliche. But it gets better.

Really, the thing that makes it so great is the attention to detail and the ability of the author to describe situations. She uses such strong descriptive words, and really makes you feel like you’re there, even for the craziest of situations.

She also somehow, has the ability to write these characters as age appropriate, but also having complex, dense stories and lives. I loved hearing about Jake’s relationship with his brother, and Cassie’s feeling of not wanting to be responsible, and Tobias being torn between wanting to be human and wanting to forget his problems. These all somehow seemed logical, and deep, and really began to matter to me.

I think what makes these books special is it can take something as big as saving the world, inheriting problems, being wreckless with them, learning about yourself, about your limits, about commitment, and somehow makes it digestible for young ones, and really intriguing and engaging for all.

I think it’s interesting to see how the characters grow through the series, and really show individual personalities, and well, I only have good things to say so far. Excited to read the second half of the series.